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Allow the Flow

As we enter another season of transition and continue to be confronted with truths that demand massive reform, be sure to plan time to rest and recover. The mind will often try to rationalize the ‘need’ to keep going. It will try to convince us that it isn’t safe to stop, that there is too much work to be done, and there will be time for rest later. But the reality is that we function with more energy, clarity, and ease when we rest. Rest is essential to perseverance and even top-performance. If your mind demands proof, just think of professional athletes who follow a schedule that insists upon recovery days.

As you experience your own transitions, look at the shifts as an opportunity to add your own changes that will balance the scales. Rest. Rest so you can hear the voice of your own inner guidance, tap into your limitless potential, and continue flowing along your path in the universe.

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