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Class Spotlight- Harmony: Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Wednesday Evenings

Sound Healer Kirstin Ford
Sound Healer Kirstin Ford

Everything we see, feel, and experience originates as sound. Vibration.  If we could listen in on our cells, the symphony of you would be rapturous.

- Kirstin Ford

All of the sound healings offered at CULTIVATE are a little bit different from one another, so this week we're spotlighting our popular Wednesday night sound healing. This offering combines a unique blend of crystal singing bowls (each tuned to the frequency of one of the 7 chakras) along with a soothing guided meditation provided by master story-weaver Kirstin Ford. Harmonizing a different combination of bowls each week, Kirstin vocalizes a unique journey targeted to heal and balance the corresponding chakras of the selected bowls. You never know where you'll find yourself, as she guides you through a different sonic journey each week. 

Kirstin was hooked on Sound Healings after her very first experience. While it was love-at-first-vibration, it was actually the science behind the physical benefits that fascinated her most. She explains: 

"When I first felt the bliss Sound Healing brought to me, I knew I had to research the science behind it, and offer it to others. I never expected to discover the amount of data I found, proving that it truly heals the body and mind.

Sound waves are sine waves and these healing vibrations bring your body back into total communication with itself. Every cell in your body is affected by Resonance and Entrainment: two concepts that can raise the vibration of abnormal frequencies in the body, returning them to their Natural Healing Frequencies. This is most easily understood as oscillations, movements back and forth at regular intervals that transfer energy, and effect change in an energetic being."

The experience is nothing short of indulgent, relaxing, and effortless.

Join us this Wednesday night, energetic beings, to soak in the beautiful resonance of Kirstin's crystal singing bowls: 

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