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Savor the Joy, Bear the Beauty

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Ever feel like you’re not having the appropriate emotional response to a situation? That the magnitude of what you’re feeling is off? Or that you’ve felt something for long enough and you should have moved on by now? Maybe there’s a fear you’ll feel a certain way forever, or a guilt for feeling joy during a time when so many are suffering…

This is a gentle reminder that it’s OK to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. It’s just the universe moving through the unique filter that is you in a given moment.

The reality lately is that there is a lot of bleakness out there, but that shouldn’t stop you from being present for your own pleasure. There is a need for balancing the sobering truth of looking at life's challenges, and also savoring the very real joys that are presented to us…totally guilt-free. We are meant to fully experience the varied spectrum the universe has to offer.

Don’t shy away from being fully present when joy arises. This can feel vulnerable for some. Simply notice your thoughts and shift your awareness to your senses. Allow joy to bring balance to your system, and share your sources with friends. Find a beautiful piece of art? Pass it along. Have some good news? It’s even better when shared with loved ones.

Awakening doesn’t purely spring from pain and sadness. We must awaken to the fullness of our experience, knowing that the more fully we can experience one feeling, the more fully we'll experience the next. Find the balance and you’ll begin to bear the beauty of all things.

(As far as recommendations go - If you also enjoy Italian horror films, I’m happy to recommend some recent finds…because few things bring me more joy than being dazzled by vivid technicolor while I’m made to feel weird and uncomfortable on the safety of my own couch.)

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