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  • Book your class through our website or app as usual. Reservations close 15 minutes prior to class time

  • Sliding scale streaming classes currently available, starting at $11

  • Download Zoom app on your computer or phone

  • 10 minutes prior to class, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the virtual class

  • Find a cozy place to lay down or sit comfortably in your home and connect

  • Please e-mail with all questions


  • Available for individuals, groups, and corporate (please inquire for group and corporate rates)

  • A custom offering based on your personal needs and goals

  • Navigate changing times, anxiety, over-thinking, insomnia, and more with personal guidance and meditation

  • Book Now to purchase and e-mail us to schedule your virtual session.


  • Our classes are designed for all experience levels

  • We offer a variety of meditation techniques, so you can determine which styles suit you best

  • Our teachers are live streaming and available to answer questions and offer guidance

  • Meditation classes offer a safe, affordable, and practical option for those looking to reduce stress

  • Research shows some of the benefits of meditation include: decreased anxiety, emotional regulation, improved sleep, relief from overthinking, and more

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