50 Minutes: $125

Reiki and Polarity healing session in our stunning private studio, an incredibly quiet and deeply tranquil setting. Using a series of light touch as well as hovering the hands over the body, the facilitator will use Reiki and Polarity balancing to restore the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. While each experience is unique, the session is typically a deeply relaxing and unifying experience. Physical pain relief, emotional release, and newfound clarity are also common. The session can be used to address a specific ailment or issue, or you can just relax and enjoy what many consider to be a ‘massage’ for the spirit.

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50 Minutes: $125


Acquire Mindfulness-based tools that can help you process challenging emotions like anxiety or stress. You’ll be able to use these tools in your everyday life, at any moment, including when life throws something challenging your way.


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60-Minutes for 2-people: $200


An offering designed for couples. Whether you’re looking to cultivate emotional intimacy or imprint better tools to resolve conflicts, meditation can help you and your partner learn to communicate from a place of love and compassion with less emotional reactivity. Meditating together can be a great way to reclaim or strengthen the many varied bonds of partnership. We will spend the first 15-20 minutes discussing the issues you’d like to work on and then employ a custom meditation plan towards your goals as a couple.

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60 MIN: $125 / 90 MIN: $155


Hypnosis is deep reprogramming of the subconscious mind to overcome blocks and limitations, whether self-created or products of your environment. Hypnosis helps to target deep-seated anxiety while finding your purpose and communicating with your Higher Mind to resolve day-to-day problems. After a 20-minute chat, the rest of the time is spent in the hypnotic state. Some topics we can address include but are not limited to: social and relationship anxiety, birth and death, manifestation and creativity, social media addiction, family dynamics, anxiety and stress, transitions and rebirth, sleep and insomnia. 


First-time sessions: Please book the 90-minute session. Upon booking, you will receive a digital intake form to deeper access your presenting issue(s). 

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120 MIN: $222


Your past-life regression session starts with a study of your astrological chart to sink deeper into the possibilities of your past-life experiences. We will then do some neuro-linguistic programming or NLP to rewind through your present-day timeline and release anything that might be blocking past-life messages. Next, you will be guided into the hypnotic state to uncover past-live(s) and find out the messages they may have for you. Sessions may end with some past-life homework, or a ritual you can take with you to deeper connection to your soul's journey every day. 

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60 MIN: $125 / 90 MIN: $155


A deep-dive into your cosmic blueprint, or natal chart. Through your astrological aspects, you will find out your karmic superpowers, your soul's purpose and find out more about your life path. You will unravel your past, present and future narratives to give you deeper insight into the WHY of you. You will also gain insight regarding your present-day astrological transits and how they might be affecting your day-to-day rhythms. 


For repeat clients that have already had a natal reading: you are more than welcome to come and journey deeper into your chart, get a year-head transit reading, or come for a Solar Return check-in. 

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100 MIN: $300


Feel like you're cosmically intertwined with someone important in your life? Receive a cosmic blueprint of any relationship, especially your partner.
How do your signs and charts match your spouse, lovers, exes, friends, bosses?

Simply provide each person’s birthday, birth year, birth time, and birth location, and Nadia will use your natal charts to create a map of how your stars align together.

You’re welcome to come together as a couple, or bring your loved one’s chart and record the session for them as a surprise gift!

The reading consists of:

5-Minute Grounding Meditation
30-Minute Mini-Natal-Chart Reading per Person
30-Minute Discussion, focusing on how you can grow & empower your relationship
5-Minute Love Meditation

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120 Min: $250


Work with your higher self and spirit guides to address a recurring event or belief that prevents your life from moving forward. You will bring an often-unconscious belief into awareness, and focus on opening a path to integrate new thought patterns. The second part of the session will provide an energetic healing of emotional records held within the body. This component boosts integration and healing at rapid rates. 

There are two parts to each session.

Part I: is a counseling session much like a tarot reading. Instead of a reading of the future, it is a reading of your energetic system and communication with your guides on how to adjust your energetic blueprint to open up a path to your highest good, magnetizing you to prosperity. You will receive a 6 point plan. 

Part II: The throwing of a protective circle, much like a crystal grid and walking you through a guided meditation.  During this portion, you will assist to allow the healing work to be done. 

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75 Min: $150


Receive expert guidance through conscious and connected breathwork, a practice known to tap into deep emotional reservoirs. Emotional release, euphoria, and new perspectives are all common experiences of this transformative work. 

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Available for groups, please e-mail us for pricing


Mindfulness, Reiki, Yoga Nidra, or Kundalini


A private meditation session for an individual or small group. Perfect for those wanting to deepen their practice or receive tailored guidance. Also great for a mindful celebration or gathering. In studio or via Skype.


Pricing varies based on group size: $125 - $450


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A private sound healing for an individual or small group. Available with sound bowls, gong, and healing musical accompaniment. In studio. 


Pricing varies based on group size: $150 - $500

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Not sure which session best fits your needs?

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Non-refundable deposits in the amount of a 1-hour session are required at the time of booking.


We kindly request 24-hours notice for private session cancellations to retain a credit on your account for future use.