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In order to make the benefits of meditation available to everyone, we offer a variety of techniques in easy-to-follow, guided classes. Our full range of offerings are suited for all experience levels- whether it is your first time meditating or you have a regular practice. Our studio provides a comfortable, serene setting and our gifted, down-to-earth teachers help make meditation an accessible and rewarding addition to anybody's life.   


  • All classes are designed for all experience levels

  • All classes are no-to-low impact and can be enjoyed by everyone

  • Drop-in classes to conveniently fit your schedule

  • Easy-to-follow guidance in every class

  • Choose from a variety of meditation techniques to discover what is best suited to you and your goals

  • Experienced, caring, and down-to-earth facilitators available to offer guidance and answer your questions

  • Beautiful, serene, and quiet meditation studio that is free from the distractions of the outside world

  • Blankets, cushions, water, and tea provided. All you need to bring is yourself!

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With more people recognizing the value of relaxation and stress-reduction, meditation is growing in popularity for offering practical steps to restore wellbeing. Meditation is a safe, natural, and powerful way to improve your mental and emotional health. Plus, it just feels good!

Most people who try meditation experience some of its benefits from their first session. Though, like any practice, the gifts of meditation grow over time. The ability to access states of deep rest and relaxation in your everyday life become easier, and the scientifically-supported benefits of reduced stress, improved sleep, emotional balance, sharper focus, and even an increased capacity for happiness can be enjoyed.

Improved Cognition
Deeper Connections
Pain Management
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CULTIVATE meditation studio Los Angeles
CULTIVATE meditation studio Los Angeles exterior
Stress Reduction
Decreased Anxiety
Emotional Regulation
Relief from Overthinking
Improved Sleeping
Here's just some of what you can cultivate from practicing meditation:


Looking for more guidance?

E-mail us with your goals for class recommendations

Getting Started

1. For the best value, choose our Live Stream Unlimited or start with a single Single Class

  • The Live Stream Unlimited is designed for you to sample different techniques, discover the style(s) that feel best for you and your goals, and to experience the benefits of regular practice.

2. Purchase Your Package 

3. Register for your first class Online or by Downloading Our App

  • All of our guided classes are no-to-low impact, and are suited for beginner and experienced meditators alike.

4. Visit our STREAMING page for streaming guidance.


5. Set up a cozy space where you can lay down or sit up, depending on your preference. Pillows, blankets, and a nearby glass of water are all recommended.


6. Some classes will send an optional playlist. We advise using another device to listen if possible.  


7. Enjoy class!

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