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The Path is Being Laid

Autumn is traditionally a time to go inward, a time when we crave rest and reflection. The days get shorter, the air gets cooler (hopefully soon), and with the natural world around us preparing for hibernation, an accelerating quiet lures us towards deep contemplation as we face the tail end of the year.

This has been a year of adjustments - of our expectations and our perspectives - as we continue to stumble, in so many ways, onto the next steps of paths still unknown. 

Although we’ve lost sight of so many trajectories once planned, be sure to measure it all by a standard of progress not perfection. Protect your newfound gifts - the ways you’ve grown, the things you’ve stopped taking for granted, relationships and interests rekindled, values appraised, and truths unearthed.

Nothing is stagnant, we’re always moving. The path is being laid, guided by our footing. Be kind to yourself, and please vote. Progress not perfection.

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