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Manifesting from Darkness

white flower blooming in darkness

Tonight is the night of the new moon in a dark sky, an opportunity to manifest from the invisible realm. The sky may appear empty and dark, but we know it’s actually teaming with stars and galaxies well beyond our vision or comprehension. Even though we can’t see the moon, we still feel its pull as the tide of our planet’s largest body is governed by its gravitational influence.

I’m not an astrologer (although I can connect you with an excellent one) so my space talk ends here, but this week I invite you to allow yourself to be guided by forces both visible and invisible, known and unknown. Actually, let yourself be seduced by them.

Last week, I touched on the experience that a lot of us are struggling with around self-worth, as we may find ourselves without vocational identities or “busy-ness” to cling to. Shed these labels, the shame around the emotions you're not used to having, and your expectations of yourself as you recalibrate your rhythms. Remember how you started your life on this planet, as a tiny creature of pure potential. You are still a vessel for the vastness of the universe. Limitless, loving potential is coursing through you in every moment. How wide are you willing to open the gates?

Manifest and create without the boundaries of a plan. Let this new moon gently reconnect you with your intuition. Embrace the fullness of your humanity. Learn to sit with your emotions. Allow your awareness to illuminate your place in the darkness so that it may guide you onto more meaningful adventures.

Darkness contains pure potential. Forget about waiting for your eyes to adjust. Keep them closed. Reconnect with what you cherish most, and feel your way through.

Join me tonight April 22, 2020 at 10pm PST for a free/donation-based Reiki meditation for the New Moon

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