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Meditation for Anxiety and Tips for Finding Balance During Difficult Times

To say there’s been a shift in the collective consciousness would be an understatement, so it’s natural to feel the rippling impact from its current. While you hold compassion for any challenging feelings, it's also important to seek balance. 

We can use meditation for anxiety, as meditation teaches us how to regulate our emotions. MRI scans have shown that meditation can shift our brain activity from a state of fight-or-flight to one of rest-and repair. This can provide much needed instant relief, but over time meditation can also improve your stress response as a whole.

Allow meditation to:

Clear your mind

Slow down your breath

Slow down your heart rate

Reduce stress Decrease anxiety

Boost your immunity

Increase self-awareness

Increase your capacity to experience happiness Reduce negative thinking

Since chronic stress wreaks havoc on the immune system, we’ve offered some

Tips on Finding Balance Limit your exposure to the news 

There is a difference between staying informed and being hyper-vigilant.

Don’t bring the news to bed

Avoid checking your phone the instant you wake up, right before you go to bed, or while you’re in bed. Your bed should be a peaceful zone, free from stress-inducing triggers.


Maintain contact with friends and your support system, even if it’s over the phone or Skype. Don't isolate.

Balance your conversations 

Continue taking pleasure in light-hearted conversation to ensure that your mind doesn't dwell solely on current events or anxieties.  

Shift your awareness from thought and drop into the sensations in your body. Allow yourself to feel your emotions rather than process purely though thought, which can become compulsive during stressful times and make us feel unwell.

Support your time with nourishing activities

What brings you joy that you haven’t done in awhile? It’s a good time to watch a movie or two that has always been on your list, cuddle a pet, or truly savor a warm cup of tea.

Always lean into Love over fear

As we're reminded of our own humanity, this can be a good time for gentle contemplation on the things that are most meaningful to us and that help us reach our highest purpose. Come up with a plan on how to connect more deeply with them.

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