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No Mud, No Lotus

Change is painful, often tumultuous, and it takes time. We are going through a collective transformation.

Meditation teaches us the value of dismissing our own thoughts so that we can witness without judgement. As we experience heightened emotions from daily unrest, our awareness is vital to do the inner work required to change. What can we discover from allowing the visceral outrage to wash over us without also judging the accompanying actions we see? If we purely listen, without simultaneously thinking of what we'd like to say, what else can we learn? Given the unconscious and sometimes insidious nature of systemic racism, it’s important that we keep on listening and investigating. If we are willing to be present for this discomfort and we continue to engage in self-inquiry, we can be moved and inspired to the action required for progress.

Trust that we don't need all the answers right now, but commit to moving towards truth. As you do, take care of yourself and others.

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