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Trust Your Timing

Just as you may feel you have finally adjusted to one sweeping wave of change, it feels overwhelming to find our world shifting once again with the highly divisive timing of reopening. Take what you’ve learned about your system and, if you are able to, go slow with reacclimating to permitted outings. Evaluate what has made you feel safe for the past couple months (along with the guidelines of the CDC), and consider what permitted modifications feel right for you at this time. Everyone will have varying comfort levels. Don’t be afraid to communicate your boundaries and stand by them. Even if you feel safe, we are sensitive beings and changes like communicating through masks, screens, and maintaining that polarizing energy of social distancing is exhausting. Go slow with whatever changes you can. You’ve adapted thus far. Listen to your gut, be patient with yourself, and have faith in your resilience. You’re alive, you’ve been given the gift of time, so take it.

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