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We Can't Think Our Way Out

Yesterday, I had a day where my mind was racing about everything. This is an old habit, something I’m quite proficient at, and harkens back to a time when I felt the need to overthink to survive. What this process doesn’t allow for is space. Space for everything we’ve witnessed and everything we’ve been a part of to settle in and move us. To allow for the internal unfolding. We can’t think our way out of this process.

We are nature, and nature takes time. Even farmers allow large portions of their property to rest for seasons so that fields may replenish their nutrients in preparation to support the next crop. As we listen and witness the world rapidly shifting around us, it is important to take the time to allow our thoughts to settle so that we can actually listen...deeply. Witness what is being moved within you and allow that to compel you to action. This quiet space of inner knowing is always waiting within, waiting patiently for your return, waiting to replenish you.

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