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Class Spotlight- Release: Emotional Awareness

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Wednesdays Evenings

Meditation instructor Azlynn Berry
Azlynn Berry

Prepare to travel inward through meditation and facilitated energy work to clear physical and emotional clutter. Azlynn's class covers a wide range of topics, such as cultivating true emotional awareness, shedding emotional reactivity, and grounding while creating physical and emotional space. It will focus on securing our emotions in the present, while overcoming anxieties, fears, and physical pain.

Each week, Azlynn provides an energy report on the collective consciousness and addresses a subject that pertains to navigating those energies, providing tools to work with the current. An intuitive healer, she tunes into the energy of each specific attendee, and offers an energetic healing within the meditation that is tailored to the group to release anything necessary to navigate the cycle.

"When the outside world no longer controls the base of our emotional nature, only then can we see the true freedom that lies before us. The facade and pretense is dropped in all of life’s challenges and solutions arise from inward stillness. It is here that we truly can become the creator of our existence and the wonders of life begin to manifest at accelerated rates."

Azlynn has been an intuitive energetic healer and spiritual teacher for over 20 years, as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in chronic pain and injury rehabilitation for 15 years. She makes herself available as a conduit of information for those ready to embrace their own path to healing.

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