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CLASS SPOTLIGHT- Harmony: Healing with Live Harp

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Sunday Evenings

Live Harpist Tal Vaknine

One of our most unique offerings, Harmony: Sound Healing Harp infuses a mindful meditation with soothing melodic patterns played on a classical harp by our resident virtuoso Tal Vaknine, who has been trained in both classical and jazz music, but also began facilitating sound healings in her native Israel before relocating to Los Angeles.

The harp is the most resonant of all the stringed instruments, deeply harmonic, and famously transportive, all making it an incredibly powerful healing tool, but this information is far from new. In fact, it’s been used in this capacity, dating all the way back to the Healing Temples of Ancient Egypt. Today, the harp has successfully helped in treating countless mental and physical ailments. In a recent study, nearly 50% of hospital patients saw significant improvement in their fatigue, anxiety, depression, and physical pain after being treated to live harp music.

There is now strong scientific evidence that backs up the harp’s incredible healing legacy. It’s a fact that every cell in our body vibrates as our atoms move, each creating its own tone (or note). These cellular vibrations can be altered by stronger but similar resonances emitted by musical instruments, such as gongs and singing bowls.

That said, different types of cells in our system resonate in a vast range of tones, and that is why the harp is such a powerful healing tool. All 36 of Tal’s deeply resonant strings vibrate at different frequencies, each impacting various cells throughout your body, providing a head-to-toe-to-soul healing. Always listening to the room, Tal improvises based on the moment.

and join us for this transformative experience. 

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