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Sustaining a Digital Life

Experiencing digital burn-out?

Turns out we have to expend a lot more energy when we don’t have the in-person energy transference of body language to help us communicate. Here are some tips to recharge and get back in touch with reality in between Zoom calls…

Rest your eyes

Take a few minutes to lay down and drape a sleep-mask, eye pillow, or dark fabric across your eyelids.

Ground yourself

See if you’re able to cut back on your digital commitments in favor of an activity that feels grounded in reality: gentle stretching, dancing, or a grounding meditation.

Step outside

Feel the wind brush your skin, witness it enliven leaves, and receive the audible messages of the natural world it carries to your ears.

Support your circadian rhythm

At night, simulate the old days by flipping the light switches off in favor of winding down by soft candlelight.

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