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The Beauty of Surrender

In my mindfulness class, I often like to remind everyone that the simple act of breathing is a reminder of our flow with the universe. Even when we feel still or stagnant in life, our bodies are always moving and flowing along this abundance of air that surrounds us and inspires all of our thoughts, words, and actions. We are still moving with our planet, a minuscule spec amidst the vast orchestration of the universe.

As things have both slowed down and shifted beyond what was imaginable, trust that you are still flowing along the symphony. You are not only flowing within the universe, but it is flowing through you, transforming you, and inspiring you to return the favor. As you get quieter and steadier, allow the period of disruption to better acquaint you with your values so they can illuminate your path and keep you moving through the darkness.

The beauty of surrender is the willingness to become curious about the limitless potential of the shores towards which the tide is taking you. You’ve acknowledged you’re being carried there whether you decide to fight against the current or to float atop it.

Stay kind, playful, and curious of the mysteries…there are new ways of being and unknown treasures ahead.

There are multiple approaches to surrender, explore them in this week's classes:

Wednesday at 7:30pm

Thursday at 7:30pm

Friday at 6:30pm

Saturday at 11:00am

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