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Connection and Surrender

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"If you’ve taken a class with me, you know that I am not one that easily dispenses pearls of bumper sticker wisdom. I believe that you are the best guru for you and when it comes to almost everything, except maybe medical and financial advice, you are your own best guide and advice giver. So, the following are just thoughts and a simple mindfulness exercise that is helping in my own life. Perhaps you can find some inspiration, or even just relate! 

The two words that keep traveling through my mind seem like almost polar opposites: connection and surrender. All of the following observations and musings are based on these two ideas. They seem so separate but are actually one and the same when done with intention.

With stress and anxiety:

Connect yourself to the feeling, even if it’s uncomfortable and then allow yourself to fully feel it. Surrender to any possibility that may occur without creating a narrative or story about it in your head.

With friends and family:

Connect yourself to them whenever it is necessary, appropriate or a joyful experience. Surrender to their idiosyncrasies, ways of doing things, personality quirks and attitudes but do not surrender your own personal boundaries that help you feel safe and aligned with your own internal joyful experiences.

With the world:

Connect yourself to the world, especially the news, only in the middle of the day where the information can be properly digested and metabolized after any sort of grounding practices you already have (even if those grounding practices are something as simple as eating a nice breakfast!). Surrender your needing to know or understand every single little thing and surrender your opinion until you become more clear on what is actually happening, or maybe until you sit with what you are learning first.

These are just examples and applicable to almost every mental or emotional challenge in your life. If you like to journal, you can write out this exercise and hopefully reap even bigger rewards as you observe these two separate states in harmony. Surrender, connect! Surrender, connect! And not one time are you trying to control. How relaxing.

See you all in class soon. Lots of love."

Facilitator Nadia Diamanté
Nadia Diamanté

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